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Energy Conversation Right Units

energy conservation

Want to save energy and keep your bills down?
Let us help you conserve the planet whilst conserving your pocket!

Window Energy Ratings
Similar to the energy labels used on light bulbs and fridges, ratings are a simple guide to the energy efficiency of your windows. Choosing C rated windows or above will help to cut down the money you spend to heat your home. Ours are all A rated windows which is the highest rating available.

Energy –Saving Technology
All of our units are fitted with Super Spacer energy-saving technology. What does this mean for you?

Windows fitted with Super Spacer will:

  • Save you over 20% off your heating bills
  • Significantly improve the thermal efficiency of your new windows
  • Increase the internal edge temperature by up to 65% reducing the heat loss through the edge of the glass
  • Reduce noise transmission by up to 2 decibels
  • Virtually eliminate mould growth by reducing condensation by up to 70%
  • Save around ¾ of a tonne of CO2 per year
  • Come with a 20-year guarantee!
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